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50 million doses manufactured in Japan for immediate dispatch (Available in October, 2021)

Standard operating procedure (SOP):
All prices are CIF Air Freight to destination airport
(usually within 48-72 hrs from deposit/commitment fee payment subject to flight availability).

1. Buyer sends Letter of Intent (LOI), Proof of Funds (POF) and Purchase Order (PO)
LOI must contain Buyer's telephone number and e-mail for the purpose of verification
POF must be a Bank Confirmation Letter (BCL) or SWIFT MT799 (a bank-to-bank proof of deposits) or suchlike
2. Seller sends Full Corporate Offer (FCO), Sales & Purchase Agreement (SPA) and Proforma Invoice (PI)
3. Buyer signs SPA & PI and returns to Seller
4. Buyer pays 10% commitment fee to Seller Bank (Swift/TT), unless otherwise agreed by the parties (100% Letter of Credit upon delivery)
5. Seller provides Video of Vaccine with Buyer name if requested
6. Seller arranges allocation of Vaccine from AstraZeneca Japan and provides Lot/Batch numbers
7. Buyer verifies Lot/Batch numbers
8. Buyer arranges Irrevocable Transferable Commercial Letter of Credit (ITCLC) at sight payable to Seller Bank for balance 90%
9. Seller arranges Air Freight on CIF terms to destination airport
10. Buyer informs destination airport customs to fast track clearance and arranges cold chain transportation on standby (between +2 to +8 degrees Centigrade)
11. Buyer collects Vaccine at destination airport, confirms Lot/Batch numbers and releases ITCLC
12. Buyer transports Vaccine to long term cold storage in destination country (between +2 to +8 degrees Centigrade) *** DO NOT FREEZE ***

Following the above procedures exactly will ensure successful and timely delivery of your vaccine.
Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) = One Million (1,000,000) doses/units

Key points:
Seller is an authorized medical company appointed by Astra Zeneca.
Buyer must be a Government or a pharmaceutical company with an import license.
Standard delivery time: 7-10 days
Payment by LC only.
PRICE: upon request (100% LC) based on CIF destination specified in LOI.
Please, get in touch with us for a correct formalization of your LOI.

Standard operating procedure (SOP):

To evaluate the possibility of supplying SPUTNIK V, we need to understand who the payer and the recipient are. Therefore, we are obliged to kindly ask you to send us the documents with current dates notarized and translated into Russian on the payer and the recipient behalf as follows:

1. Certificate of registration of the company. (Payer and recipient)
2. Document of designation of CEO/another person authorized to sign the contract,
such as a Power of Attorney (POA) for the representative (with Apostille). (Payer and recipient)
3. Completed preliminary contract. (Payer and recipient)
4. Bank details of the company. (Payer and recipient)
5. Supply contracts are carried out based on bank letters of credit DI-C MT700, SBLC, MT760,
please confirm the readiness of this payment format.
6. Excerpt from the Trade Registry or other register in which the company is registered and/or a good standing certificate, etc. The documents shall not be older than 2 months (with Apostille). (Payer and recipient)
7. Copy of bylaws of the company. (Payer and recipient)
8. Taxpayer certificate. (Payer and recipient)
9. Vaccine Regulatory Approval (import and usage permit).
10. Pharmaceutical license. (Recipient)
11. Confirmation of solvency (i.e. a fresh bank statement). (Payer)
12. Test protocol for the vaccine in the country to which it is to be delivered. If the tests have not been conducted in the country of delivery, please reach out to us, we will provide you with the text of the letter to be signed by the Ministry of Health of the country in question.
13. Permission to buy, import, distribute the vaccine from the government (an order or other document confirming these arrangements). (Recipient)

PRICE: upon request (CIF Air Freight to destination airport)
Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) = One Million (1,000,000) doses/units

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